Health in Fiji

When travelling to any destination you have to be aware of safety and health issues.

Health in Fiji
Health in Fiji

You need to make sure that before travelling your own health is good condition.

To ensure this, have a general check up, visit the dentist and if you are about to start a particular treatment, delay it until you return home. If you require a specific medication that you are currently taking make sure you have an ample supply.

Travel Insurance covering your health is highly recommended. Fiji is free of Malaria but there are occasional outbreaks of Dengue fever and Filariasis. These are both transmitted from mosquitos. You can purchase mosquito repellent before you travel that has natural agents as opposed to chemicals so ask your local health food store. Check out travel for up to date info.

Fiji has high UV exposure , always wear some form of sun protection , otherwise your skin will pay for it. Even olive skinned people can burn within 30 minutes in Fiji’s harsh sun.

Medical Services

Fiji has government – owned hospitals that are located in urban centres throughout the country. There are also private doctor’s surgeries that operate from 8:30 am – 5 pm. Most hotels and resorts have a doctor and registered nurse on call and chemists are open during normal shopping hours.
For emergencies dial 000 (toll free).

Fiji’s largest public hospital is Colonial War Memorial Hospital located in Waimanu Rd, Suva Ph: 3313444

Two private hospitals are:

Mayne Nickless Services 40 Namoli Ave, Lautoka Ph: 6652034
Suva Private Hospital 120 Amy St, Toorak, Suva Ph: 3303404

Food and Water

The water in Fiji’s hotels, resorts and major towns is generally safe to drink but to be extra cautious purchase bottled spring water. You can also boil your water if it is possible.

It is recommended that you do not eat food from road-side stalls – especially meat and seafood. (only purchase fruit and vegetables that you can peel or wash)

Your safest option is to eat food from hotels, resorts and if buying food at the supermarket, buy tinned, packaged foodstuffs.

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Always remember “Conserve Fiji today to preserve Fiji for tomorrow.”