Fiji Real Estate

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own piece of South Pacific paradise? Well if you have, you may be surprised to find that purchasing real estate in Fiji is possible since the Common Law system is similar to that of Britain and Australia.

Fiji Real Estate
Fiji Real Estate

While most of Fiji is held under Native Title, a rare 9% of the land is guaranteed Freehold Title (Fee simple) which can be bought and sold by foreigners after approval by the Land Council of Fiji. Local Legal advice on any purchase of Real Estate in Fiji is always recommended and there are a number of good lawyers in Suva that can assist. Certificates of Title are registered at the Government Registrar of Titles Office in Suva and original Certificates of Title are held in your possession once the Title transfers to your name.

International interest in Fiji real estate is increasing all the time as people from all over the World come to realise what a unique opportunity this is. Depending on what you like, there are acreage estates in the rainforest with ocean views, large absolute beachfront blocks, established permanent / holiday houses and another option becoming popular is that of managed villas connected to new luxury resorts. You can even buy your own private Fiji island if you wish and there are still a few of these remaining in Fiji.

Please remember that Fiji’s forests, rivers, beaches and lagoons are a natural wonderland and asks you to only consider responsible purchases that have minimal impact on this beautiful environment. So whether you are buying for investment or pleasure, we are sure you will find something that interests you.

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Fiji Real Estate Listing

LOT 87-1 WAIDROKA BAY Viti Levu /
Adr: Waidroka Bay Estate, Queens Rd, Coral Coast
 / Viti Levu /
Adr: Maui Bay Estate, Queens Rd, Coral Coast
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Always remember “Conserve Fiji today to preserve Fiji for tomorrow.”