Fiji Holiday Rentals

If you are travelling to Fiji and want to stay somewhere different, why not consider private Fiji holiday rentals.

Fiji Holiday Rentals
Fiji Holiday Rentals

There is an increasing number of private holiday rental houses available to travellers in Fiji and they can vary from luxury villas with their own private beach to elevated tropical style pole houses set amongst peaceful rainforest.

There are many benefits to this type of accommodation such as being able to cook your own food just the way you like it or having more peace and privacy if you are on a romantic holiday.   Fiji holiday houses can also be very cost effective if you are travelling as a family or small group and plus you get more space with multiple bedrooms to spread out.

Since many Fiji holiday residences are in beautiful and interesting locations that are off the regular tourist routes, a rental car can often help you get more out of your stay. (see our Transport / Rental car category for more info) This gives you the freedom to do some shopping and visit other attractions and activities at your own pace without being totally reliant on scheduled local transport.

So if this type of experience appeals to you, check out Fiji holiday rentals for a great Fiji holiday.
Always remember”Conserve Fiji today to preserve Fiji for tomorrow.”

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Adr: Musket Cove, Malolo lailai Island